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Sharmin is a freelance writer and stylist based in Dubai. Her work has appeared in several magazines,with a focus on health, travel and the culinary arts.She has published more than 200 features till date.Some of her recipes have featured in magazines in the UAE as well as leading newspaper in Assam Her passion for Assamese food led her to start the page Assamese Cuisine and Recipes on Facebook in 2009.Today it has over 16,800 members You can email her at: assamfoodie@gmail.com

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Fish Recipes

  1. Pepper Fish cooked in Banana leaves by Sharmin
  2. Mustard Fish in Banana leaf by Sharmin
  3. Sour Fish Curry with tomatoes (Tenga) by Sharmin
  4. Fish Roe Fritters (Bor )by Sharmin
  5. Fish (Hilsa) in Mustard Sauce by Sharmin
  6. Fish cooked in curry leaf paste By Sharmin
  7. Steamed Fish (pressure cooker) By Sharmin
  8. Fish cooked in mustard paste by Atanu Prasad Sarma,
  9. Steamed Fish (Hilsa) by Rakhi Phukan.
  10. Hilsa in Mustard sauce by Chef Atul Lahkar
  11. Fish (Pavbo) cooked in Mustard Sauce by Dhruba Tamuli.
  12. Fish with bamboo by Rakhi Googoi
  13. Fish Head with young taro stems by Aneesha C. Boiss
  14. Fish head with lentils (Muri Ghanta) by Sharmin
  15. Fish Head cooked lentils by Dhruba Tamuli.
  16. Fish (Bamla) Chutney by Surajit Baruah
  17. Fish with Taro leaves and Cherry tomatoes by Chef Atul Lahkar
  18. Fish Head cooked with Bottle Gourd and Rice by Soyuz Sharma
  19. Small fish and Bamboo Shoot (Khorisa) by Dhruba Tamuli
  20. Small Fish cooked in Banana leaves by Soyuz Sharma
  21. Fish (japani kawai) and Potato Curry by Sharmin
  22. Fish with Ginger, Coriander and potato Curry by Chandan Kumar Das
  23. Sour Fish Curry (Tenga) by Jonaki Barua
  24. Fish with Elephant Apple (OuTenga) by Soyuz Sharma
  25. Fish with Ridge Gourd (Tenga )by Sneha Lata
  26. Fish (Chittol masor kolothi )in tomato gravy by Taanishi Inam
  27. Prawn (misa maas) with potatoes by Aashish Das
  28. Fish (Kuchia) in a Spicy Pepper Curry by Chandan Kumar Das
  29. Fish curry with herbs (manimuni)by Devashis Bose
  30. Fish curry with edible fern (dhekia) and cherry tomato by Devashis Bose
  31. Fish curry with Garcinia Morella(thekera tenga) by Krishnajina Deka
  32. Dry Fish (bamla)with Brinjal by Polly Borah
  33. Fish (Kawoi) with sesame seeds by Binita Borah.
  34. Fish head with mashed Brinjal by Madhusmita Kalita
  35. Fish steamed with bamboo shoots by Priyanka Deoridutta
  36. Fish eggs and Rice fry by Soyuz Sharma.
  37. Fish and Spinach Curry by Sharmin
  38. Fish with Spinach Curry by Soyuz Sharma
  39. Fish and Spinach sour curry (tenga) by Dhruba Tamuli.
  40. Fish(Kos Maas )with Potato and Tomato by Soyuz Sharma
  41. Fish Curry with tender coconut water by Jacky Pasha Zaman
  42. Fish in mustard paste cooked in Banana Leaf by Chandan Kumar Das
  43. Boiled Fish with Dry Bamboo Shoot by Soyuz Sharma
  44. Fish head cooked with rice (muri ghanta)by Hardeep Singh Matharu
  45. Fish (pomfret) cooked in banana leaves by Fazlul Alam
  46. Small fish fried with fermented bamboo shoot By Abinash Mazumdar
  47. Fish curry with Potatoes and Brinjal by Debajyoti Bordoloi
  48. Ridge gourd and Fish sour curry (tenga)by Sharmin
  49. Fish entrails (petu) with Rice by Sharmin
  50. Roasted and Mashed Brinjal With Fish(inspired recipe)by Sharmin
  51. Fish and Herbs (Tenga Mora )Sour Curry by Sharmin
  52. Fish(Hilsa )with bamboo shoots by Geeti Gogoi
  53. Fish tempered with Five spice (pasphuron) by Sharmin
  54. Hot and Sour Fish with Elephant apples by Atanu Prasad Sarma
  55. Cabbage, Night-flowering Jasmine and dry prawn (Khar) by Polly Borah
  56. Assamese Fish Fry by Sharmin
  57. Fish curry with herbs (Bhedailota) and taro by Mou Bon
  58. Fish innards(petu) and rice Khar By Sharmin
  59. Fish Roe Fritters (bor)by Sharmin
  60. Arii fish curry by Aman Kahlon
  61. Ode to Fish Tenga(poem) by Kul Goswami Rahman
  62. Fish in a Pepper Curry By Sharmin 
  63. Fish in a white sesame sauce by Bitul Sarma Barua

Duck and Pigeon

  1. Pigeon with sesame seeds by Sharmin
  2. Banana Flower with Pigeon by Sharmin
  3. Black Gram Lentils with Duck by Sharmin
  4. Duck with Gourd Curry by Sharmin    
  5. Fried Duck with Bamboo shoots By Sharmin
  6. Roast Duck By Sharmin
  7. Black Gram Lentils with Duck by Krishnajina Deka
  8. Duck curry By Monalee Saharia,
  9. Duck meat with Ash Gourd by Devasish Bora and Labhita Bora
  10. Duck wrapped in Banana Leaves by Chef Atul Lahkar
  11. Duck by  Aaisang Phukan Hazarika
  12. Pigeon Curry by Kul Goswami Rahman
  13. Duck with Bamboo shoots by Kul Goswami Rahman
  14. Duck Curry with Ash Gourd by  El Biswajit
  15. Duck Curry with Potatoes by by Kul Goswami Rahman

Meat and Poulty

  1. Mutton Curry By Sharmin
  2. Goat meat and Papaya curry By Sharmin
  3. Mutton Curry by Siddhárth Házåriká
  4. Simple Goat Curry by Debajit Borah
  5. Chicken fry with jilmil haak by Priyanka Deoridutta,
  6. Chicken with Bamboo Shoot by Priyanka Deoridutta
  7. Chicken with mustard greens and bamboo by Sonny Rao
  8. Chicken with black sesame seeds By Sharmin
  9. Chicken with rice flour by Krishnajina Deka
  10. Chicken/Meat with Mustard Green  by Sharmin
  11. Chicken and Papaya Curry by Sharmin
  12. Chicken with curry leaves by Mousmita Devi Borkoch
  13. Chicken cooked in banana leaves by Sharmin
  14. How to cook venison-Members discussion
  15. Pork BBQ by Paul Chetia
  16. Pork with Mustard Greens(Dry)  by Nilanjan Konwar
  17. Smoked Pork with Colocasia stem by Sneha Lata
  18. Pork with fermented bamboo shoot by Hardeep Singh Matharu
  19. Bamuni Pork by Soyuz Sharma
  20. Pork with bamboo shoot by Binita Borah
  21. Pork with potatoes and bamboo shoot by Polly Borah
  22. Pork Fried with rice powder by Ridip Borah

Eggs and Vegetables

  1. Banana Flower with Potatoes by Sharmin
  2. Banana stem (Posola)with Jackfruit seeds by Sharmin
  3. Red Lentil Fritters(bor) by Sharmin
  4. Spinach Khar by Sharmin
  5. Batter fried Brinjal by Sharmin
  6. Mashed jackfruit seeds(Pitika) by Sharmin
  7. Lentil and jackfruit seed Khar by Sharmin.
  8. Jackfruit seeds and Potato stir fry by Sharmin
  9. Drumsticks with Mustard by Sharmin
  10. Banana flower (bor )by Brahmananda Patiri.    
  11. Khorisa Recipes-Members discussion
  12. Red lentil dumplings in a sour Curry (Tenga) by Binita Borah.  
  13. Brinjal and Duck egg Mash(pitika) by Binita Borah   
  14. Mustard Green (lai xaak)Khar  by Binita Borah   
  15. Fiddle-head fern(dhekia) with chickpeas by Binita Borah   
  16. Stuffed teasle gourd by Binita Borah   
  17. Stir fry neem leaves By Binita Borah
  18. Green Jackfruit Curry by Monalee Saharia
  19. Peppery Colocasia leaves by Devashis Bose
  20. Colocasia leaves with cherry tomatoes by Devashis Bose
  21. Chameleon plant (Mosondori)in Banana leaves by Devashis Bose
  22. Mashed Garlic and Potatoes by Jacky Pasha
  23. Star fruit & orange salad by Jumita Saikia Phukan
  24. Tender raw jack fruit curry by Polly Borah
  25. Rattan vine(bet gaz)with Lentils by Promit Hatikakoty
  26. Amaranthus Hybridus’s Stem (morisa xaak)Sorsori by Soyuz Sharma.
  27. Oroxylum indicum flower(bhat-ghila) Khar by Soyuz Sharma
  28. Scrambled eggs with Fermented Bamboo shoots(Khorisa)by Ridip Borah.
  29. Tora gaaj by Ridip Borah.
  30. Night jasmine (Sewali phulor) Khar By Mou Bon.
  31. Mashed potatoes with black sesame by Paul Chetia
  32. Pumpkin Flower Fritters by Sharmin
  33. Lentils dumplings served in a tamarind broth (tenga)by Priyanka Deoridutta
  34. Red Lentils with baby tomatoes by Sharmin
  35. Fresh bamboo shoot with egg by Binita Borah
  36. Banana flower cutlets by Sharmin
  37. Banana flower fritters by Sharmin
  38. Baby potatoes stirfry by Sharmin
  39. Boiled greens(dorunxaak)  by Soyuz Sharma
  40. Cauliflower and Peas Curry By Soyuz Sharma
  41. Pumpkin and Banana flower stir-fry by Priyanka Deoridutta
  42. Mustard green(Laii Xaakor )Khar by Abinash Mazumdar
  43. Papaya Flowers fried with Egg by Soyuz Sharma
  44. How to make Kol Khar (an alkaline filtrate)by Mou Bon
  45. Posola (BANANA PITH) by Sharmin

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